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Our first time meeting Akatana was on the decks of a small bar in Central North of Berlin some time in late September 2013. We came across a composed DJ with interests dragging him beyond standard electronic music. This artist has been polishing his collection of music with sounds from completely various styles.

Having gone through more than one clubs with him and witnessed his skills behind the decks, Akatana has proven to be a very interesting individual when it came down to choosing his tracks and introducing them into his sets. Not only a DJ and a producer, he has also been developing his Live act alongside Damien K Sahri and Eol as Akasari.

Be advised, his music may take you from the world of ambient right into the deeper side of Techno while passing through rhythms off the globe.

Support here:

Please enjoy below his latest EP on the ever growing Sleep Is Commercial label

His soundcloud :

The trio :

You wanna Funk to some House? “Yeah yeah”
Fouk – Cat Lady [Outplay]

Guru Quasar

A touch of flow, a touch of jazz, a touch of beats.

Guru Quasar – Cruisin

Okho – The Green Hall [Radio Juicy]

What do they do that’s different? Radio Juicy brings out some fresh and creative, clean but raw hip hop sounds from artists all around in Tapes and Vinyls!

Check out more beats down here

Soul Imago (label)

A great label releasing some House of all colours
Various Artists 001 [Soul Imago]


Baaz presents his diverse production style through his latest album release on Office Recordings!
Baaz – Red Souvenirs [Office Recordings]




Alexander Lay-Far impresses us once more with another great track on Fifty Fathoms Deep!
Lay-Far – The Key [Fifty Fathoms Deep]

James Johnston produces another killer house EP on his label No Matter What.
James Johnston – Don’t Rush Me EP [No Matter What]

Future In Sound Records 012

FISR 012


After Germany and a drop by France with our favorite magician, FIS now flies all the way across the globe to bring you our new artist and release:

Hailing from Japan, Mr Setsuo Morikawa brings Future In Sound his own touch of piano and House. This 3 tracks EP moves around a playful exchange of keys and shaky rhythms. Following great and oncoming releases on Jazzy Butterfly Records, House of Smooth and Release London Records, Setsuo has a certain thing for House music: his motto is “not everyone understands house music. It’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing” after all.

Change Your Purpose in Life opens up with a kick. With a breeze of jacking house and some light female vocals, this track lets you be drawn into an outburst of energy and dancing vibes.

In second, Want Not Waste Not is a late night groover: its pad, successfully floating throughout the track, will drive you forward slowly while the non-ever stopping rhythms will keep you off your seat.

Deep Inside closes up the promenade. Another great workout between the pad and the rhythms. The soft vocal adds an edge to the deep and profound atmosphere, and softens the melodic play between the highs and lows.


Thank you for your support.

Novus (label)

Novus goes deep on their second Various Artist Release

Various Artist 2 [Novus]


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