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Novus (label)

Novus goes deep on their second Various Artist Release

Various Artist 2 [Novus]

Leone (label)

Lions x Underground Music in Romania
Federico Luciani – Rebel EP [Leone]

Invade (label)

Label owner and producer Ilario Liburni goes deep once again on his second release on his own label Invade Records. Some quality deep house and minimal sounds.

Ilario Liburni – Bengal [Invade]

Cem G

Pads in, pads out
Cem G – Think [Metroline Limited]

Tunde Caspa

Tunde Caspa, known as DJ Caspa, is a man we hold a lot of respect for. Another great friend of the label based in London. Our paths crossed during one of our magical journeys in the world of Deep House. His groundbreaking mixes caught our attention from all side: quality of the tracks, the flow, energy, atmosphere, style of the mix and his constant output of fresh releases from artists we followed in common. Pretty soon we found ourselves addicted to the Housemaster and we have been enjoying his work ever since.

His regular Underground sessions keep us locked in tight! Every session brings together new works from upcoming artists and proper old school sounds. His picks of tracks don’t just fit in the “deep house” category, they show a real understanding of House music, its history and its future. Also adding wonderful guests along the lines of Medlar or James Dexter, he has shown repeatedly how well he could infuse his work with the work of others. Recently signed as A&R for the Percolate team, keep an eye out for the new artists that will join their great parties ;)
And make sure that you don’t miss his newly event “A Night With Caspa” => Next one is on the 31st: Red Rack’em, Chesus, Mood Indigo and of course DJ Caspa himself assembled at Plan B!

Here is his podcast for Electronica Records, a one hour twenty output of banging deep house and garagey sounds handpicked by the master himself

Follow his soundcloud and keep up to date with a lot his mixes, events and all!

Support here:

Thank you for the music Tunde!

James Johnston

This smooth sound just came out.. JJ doing some magic again!
Mermaids – MergingS (James Johnston Remix) [NonLocal]

Seek deepness within the depth
Gathaspar – Powstanie [THEMA]

Rick Wade has it under control…
Francesco Bonora & Marcello Arletti – Don’t Party Too Much (Rick Wade Detroit Funk Remix) – (ABT025)

Beware, this might get you shakin’
Rondenion – Herb [FACES]

Still rolling
Ittetsu - Sand Blind [Fasten]


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