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Kon Ding

A deep and dark driving remix. Square powered’
Kazan – Tabasamu (Kon Ding Remix) [Up To Loft]


Another cutting remix done by Medlar.
Andreya Triana – Lullaby (Medlar remix)

Takuya Matsumoto

Ahead of his release on our label, Takuya presents another silver piece of music alongside Paxton Fettel under the form of some melodic and cloudy deep house
Paxton Fettel & Takuya Matsumoto – Afloat On A Sea Of Nothing


Shake your synth
Accatone – Bring [Eyepatch]

Berlin based artist with a keen touch for deep melodic House infused with engaging lounge music.
Powel – Lay Down

LTU Records (label)

Look out for this new label, swirling round the world of Tech House and Techno

Mikaela & Ellie Pettersson – Max Destruction EP [Love The Underground]

For those of you located in London, be sure not to miss the EP launch

Chicago Damn

“Let your body move” Fascinating assemblage of sounds
Chicago Damn – Bizarre Sex No. 4 EP [Chicago Damn]

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Fantastic Man – Dream Machine EP [Love On The Rocks]


Our first time meeting Akatana was on the decks of a small bar in Central North of Berlin some time in late September 2013. We came across a composed DJ with interests dragging him beyond standard electronic music. This artist has been polishing his collection of music with sounds from completely various styles.

Having gone through more than one clubs with him and witnessed his skills behind the decks, Akatana has proven to be a very interesting individual when it came down to choosing his tracks and introducing them into his sets. Not only a DJ and a producer, he has also been developing his Live act alongside Damien K Sahri and Eol as Akasari.

Be advised, his music may take you from the world of ambient right into the deeper side of Techno while passing through rhythms off the globe.

Support here:

Please enjoy below his latest EP on the ever growing Sleep Is Commercial label

His soundcloud :

The trio :

You wanna Funk to some House? “Yeah yeah”
Fouk – Cat Lady [Outplay]


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